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Le Bird Bar

This is the time of the year when all I can think about is having some comfort food, delish drinks, and perfectly crispy fried chicken. Le Bird Bar, latest main star of Griffintown brings the heart of a southern menu with a high-end but casual atmosphere you’ll enjoy as much as we did. The overall concept of this fantastic spot? A perfect pair, Champagne and fried chicken, all under a spectacular decor with the finest details. Velvet chairs and stools, a sleek marble bar and a flashing neon sign near the kitchen are some of the details that make this place THE spot you’ll need to take all your friends to this winter.
The menu offers classic chicken plates, vegetarian options, and recently Brunch, yay!Besides the crispy and tasty fried chicken, I loved the variety of 13 different sauces and some great sides including cornbread, fries, watermelon and feta salad and a green salad.What’s very lovely about Le Bird Bar it’s the effort and research the head chef did to put together a great and healthier made-to-order fried local chicken, including three different options, the classic fried chicken (40-60% less greasy presentation), a gluten free crust and a vegan version prepared with cauliflower and tofu, creating without any hesitation, a new genre of yummy fried chicken in the city.I simply can’t wait to try their brunch already!
Here’s what we ordered and loved:- Chicken and waffles, served with bourbon sauce and watermelon feta salad- “Get in my belly”, with 3 pieces of fried chicken, cornbread and 2 sauces (honey-dijon and gravy)- Fries maison- Sauteed Brussel sprouts with bacon and potatoes- Poutine Bird bar, with popcorn chicken and jalapeno.

You simply can’t miss this. You are so welcome. 

Le Bird Bar1800 Notre Dame WestTue – Sun 11am – 11pmPrice range: $$Reservations: recommended if you’re a big group, especially for supper.Kids Friendly: absolutely for lunch and brunch, you’ll have a comfy space to fit at least one stroller. They don’t have changing tables in the bathrooms. 

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