Ode To Life: Mother’s Day Edition

It’s been 5 years since I call myself a mama, and to me, this Ode to Life is one of the most important ones I’ve done to date. I’m celebrating the joy of having Nico and Oli, all the hilarious things I discover with them, and how my days are passing so fast seeing them grow more and more.I’m humbled I got the luck and chance to be your mom and with all the ups and downs, I would never change a bit because you are the most joyful memories I’ll ever have.
Happiest Mother’s Day and enjoy this Ode to Life, mamas!
Dear Crockpot,Even though I cannot forget what you did in This is Us, I gotta thank your existence every single night.
Dear naps that never came back,Remember when we were besties?
Dear dirty laundry,I know you’ve been waiting patiently to be fresh and clean again, I am so sorry I keep forgetting about you.
Dear dark circles,I hope you like my new concealer, k?
Dear hair elastics and bobby pins after you have a baby,What’s your secret to disappear so fast? 
Dear Hubby of mine,All I want for Mother’s Day is a cleaning lady.
Dear everything flowers because Spring is here,Olivia now asks me when are you back home, because you are “so cute”
Dear warm food and coffee,I can’t wait for the day we are back together.
Dear bedtime early,YES.
Dear mom brain,Even most of my friends without kids think this is a legend, we both know you are here to stay.
Dear hips after two babies,Please lie. 

Dear body before I had my babies,I miss you every single day.
Dear everything sparkling,You are here to stay.
Dear new concrete floors,I just want to say I am deeply sorry, I’ll try my best to ask my kids to clean you every day.
Dear Ice cream,Sugar high season is here, high five!
Dear dirty dishes,Don’t judge me, please. GB you, dishwasher.
Dear outfits in this post,you are my new fave thing ever. 
Dear Zara baby collection,Could you kindly give away a reward card to all the mamas?Thanks,The world
Dear everything mini size,HOW are you so dang adorable, HOW?
Dear broccoli,Nico still believes in his lil’ heart he got his arm muscles thanks to you and only you.
Dear Oli,I adore you are so stylish and so into shopping like me. I am deeply sorry, hubby (nah, not sorry!)
Dear jeans after you are a mama of two,It was such a pleasure meeting you.

Dear Rosé,You and I were meant to be together, trust this mama.
Dear metabolism,I am still mad at you. still.
Dear sleeps of more than 8 hours,Is this really happening one day? If so, send me a sign.
Dear scale after you have a baby,Please quit playing games with my heart.
Dear Paw Patrol and Moana,I could marry you two, right now.
Dear 30s,Motherhood never felt so good and so fun, right?
Dear Oli and Nico,I am the luckiest mama on earth. Thank you for changing my life.Your mama.

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  1. Joanna Grzeszczak
    May 14, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    Oh so gorgeous!!!