yayy of this week: Blackstrap BBQ

Almost 2 years later, we finally hit up Blackstrap BBQ! 
This Memphis barbecue style menu was wonderful and tasty and after visiting their Mexican spot in St-Henri Tejano, it was time to go back to Verdun for some barbecue love.The options are very straight forward, you just need to pick up your meat and your sides. You’ll feel you are having a picnic indoors, so cute!We had a mix of everything and shared Chicken wings, Ribs, cole slaw and the amazing mac n’ cheese squares.To be honest, those little squares made our trip to Blackstrap. I think It’s been a long long time since I had such a delicious side on a barbecue plate. They are perfectly crispy and warm on the inside, to die for. These are so far, little cubes of goodness. 

On a side note, I have to say Blackstrap has the sweetest servers and owners. As soon as they saw Nico running and being well, a 2 year old, they came back with a tiny shirt, crayons and paper for him.We were impressed with the service and how they really care for each of their customers.
Verdun, I’m so jealous!  

Blackstrap BBQ

Monday to Sunday (11AM until they run out of food, lol)

Reservations: Nope, they only have 2 big picnic tables and 2 counters to eat. If you are a big group, order to go is your best bet.

Kids Friendly: a lot, we ordered to go and in the meantime wait, they were extremely adorable and helpful.

Address: 4436 Rue Wellington

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