Burgundy Lion, an oldie but a goodie

To continue our tradition of visiting different brunch places every month, last weekend we wanted to have a different brunch menu and this spot was the perfect example of it. Their location is super close to our home, in the heart of St-Henri.We’ve been here with friends before but mostly for drinks and small bites.Their lunch and supper menu is pretty good so we were expecting the same yummy quality last saturday.I love the ambiance of this place, 100% british, you can have breakfast and at the same time people will be watching a football game and cheering for their favourite team. That morning a premier league game was on, thanks Esteban for the tip, lol!The servers were extremely friendly, I can say that their service is impeccable. They had a lot of patience with Nico. (that day he had a 2 year old crisis) and they did their best to help us. 

We order 3 choices this time, Nico was so hungry that day! He had the grilled cheese with potatoes and ate the-whole-thing.Esteban ordered the full english breakfast and definitely it was a real one. It comes with eggs, sausages, potatoes (they are SO good and spicy!), baked beans, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, ham and real-pieces-of-Canadian-bacon.I tried The Yank, which is a smaller version of the full english but with a lot of bacon, of course. I was tempted to try the scotch egg, but at the end, I went with the regular ones.This was by far the best bacon of this side of the city.  I’ve read from british friends that this place is the closest thing to a traditional pub. 

I decided to document my son’s drama moments. Here’s a sneak peak of one on our way out#lifeishardbeingtwo

Burgundy Lion

Monday to Sunday (9AM  for weekend brunch)

Reservations: Yep! Using OpenTable Here

Kids Friendly: a lot!

Address: 2496 Notre Dame Ouest

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