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Taco Tuesday Love: Ta Chido Snack Bar

Before we jump into Micheladas, Guac and Tortas, here’s a little life update for you: Remember a few secs ago when I was all excited we moved to a new condo and all that jazz?Well, we are moving, yes, AGAIN!This time, to our very dream house (and I mean this, so much). In less than 4 months, we sold our condo, rented a temporary one, put lots of things in a locker and I survived these past months with all my shoes inside boxes so believe me, this is THE best news, ever.Now, talking about serious business, our Taco Tuesday love is a mandatory celebration (no, we are not Mexicans) but we’re addicted to a dang good taco in this house.Ta chido, you are way too cool, and we loved you.

We’ve been to a ton of Mexican places in the city, especially all the newest spots in my area, the Sud-Ouest and I gotta say, this place is incredibly cute, colorful, and extra yummy.  I honestly was a bit impressed with their portions, I guess I’m so used to tiny tacos and micro guac bowls. Ta Chido nails it when it comes to portions and dishes full of authentic flavors.What we tried (and Olivia ate mostly everything):- Guacamole & chips- Quesadillas Tinga de Pollo, shredded chicken breast with cheese- Tostadas Hongos, mushrooms sauteed with sweet peppers and onions, topped with black beans, avocados.- Tacos Pulled Pork- Tacos Chorizo con papas- Micheladas 

I need to go back for the tortas and brunch on weekends (I know, I know), already!Things that I loved about Ta Chido:– Their little terrace with tiny umbrellas- Super affordable prices, you can basically come back every week and you won’t be broke- Micheladas: REAL ones, people!- Cactus overload in every corner- Best music and it wasn’t mariachis- Their sassy messages on the boards, what? gluten free bread? + Nacho chips are not Mexican food

Ta Chido Snack Bar5611 Avenue Du ParcTue – Sun / noon to 9pm (weekends till 11:30pm)Sunday Brunch / noon to 3pmReservations: we didn’t do any, and the space is pretty big to accommodate big groups.Price range: $Kids Friendly: 200%! They spoiled both Oli and Nico, brought chips and high fives (: Bathrooms are quite small and I didn’t spot any changing tables, so be ready.You have plenty space for your strollers as well.Take-out options: Foodora for Mile-End and Plateau.

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