OOTD From The Week: One bag, Purple Booties & Two Outfits

Who else has summertime sadness? I can’t be alone in the world with this feeling, right? Just to cheer ma’self up, I decided to finally shoot today, after a dreary rainy morning and have THE best dumplings with my hubby for lunch (more on the dumpling biz later on, okay?)
I tend to get bored of my closet pretty easily and even though I shop a lot, I never find anything to wear. 

You’ve been there, on a daily basis eh?I hear ya, and that’s why I decided to style the same shoes and bag in two very different outfits, #win
Because I ain’t got enough money to spend, let’s be creative (:
Ps. Did you notice my new, homemade ha! hairdo? Self-high-five!
Believe it or not, this cute green bag is one of my fave and only cost me $8.I kid you not, eight bucks.

Oh hey, stranger (acting like I’m cool, you know)

My reaction after my husband tells me I’m not good at posing today for the shooting, lol!Strike a pose, hey maca (:
Ps. Zara, I want all, yes, all these booties!

Thank you for following along this fun and colorful ride, I deeply love you!xo

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  1. So fun! Keep living colorfully! And those booties are pretty epic :)XOhttp://www.lehoarder.com/

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