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Wayhome 2017: Our First Rad Music Festival with Kids

A couple of weeks ago we experienced our first summer music festival with our kiddos and I’m still dreaming what’s going to be the next one for us.Most of my fellow mama friends thought we were a bit crazy, bringing both of them to Wayhome this year, but for us, parenthood means sharing all the things we love with them, showing them (in moderation) adulting can be super fun too.Wayhome’s stellar lineup included big names like Justice, Solange, Imagine Dragons and Frank Ocean (that I was desperately dying to see), and during the 3 fest-days they offer so many activities in one place, from camping on site, local food and drinks, a central locally-produced farmers market, early bird yoga sessions and different stages where you can sit, drink and be simply merry.We had tons of questions on how, when, and what we did with both Oli and Nico during Wayhome, so here are some tips to make your next music festival an aww-mazing experience:

1. Don’t be shy, just over pack ok? We brought anything you can imagine, at a point, we barely could close our car (I kid you not). You need to be prepared for shine, rain and even chill nights. You’ll need to plan a checklist like we did, adding:- Sunny outfits and accessories: sunglasses, hats, sunscreen (spray is easier), bathing suits, microfiber towels, bug spray (a must), 3 different changes of each Nico and Oli, and extra shoes.- Rainy outfits  and accessories: light weight jackets, rain covers, ponchos, rain boots to avoid mud and some extra socks- Your BFFs during the weekend: baby wipes, umbrella, baby wagon carrier our is this one, stroller, toilet paper, protective earmuff, binoculars, backpacks, lots of water bottles

Did I mention baby wipes, right?

2. Foodie homie, this one is for youLuckily, at Wayhome we found lots of good and I mean GOOD food options this year. We packed lots of organic fruit pouches, granola bars, sandwich bread with jam and fresh fruits.Taco trucks, wooden pizza and fresh churros were our daily menu, and I’m still thinking about how yummy it was. Before going to any festival, check the main map, number of food venues, and what kind of cuisine you can expect.

3. Camping errrybody?
If your music festival includes some camping options, you need to get the best of the best, la creme de la creme, ok? For our first time, we planned it very well and picked the most amazing equipment from our favorite outdoor brand, MEC. We found this tent, perfect for our family of 4 with tons of thin windows where Nico and Oli played peek a boo for a while #scoremama. We also brought this sleeping pad,  these sleeping bags and these wooden chair in blue.

Don’t be scared mamas, just be prepared and bring your kiddos with you! They’ll love it as much as mine did.More info about Wayhome here.Endless thanks to MEC, for gifting our camping gear.

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