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Ode to Life: 7 years of happiness

You know that feeling when you go back to your childhood in just a second?
 It’s been a long ride since I don’t feel this. I couldn’t even remember when was the last time, but it happened last weekend.
We visited a sunflower field right here in Quebec and I felt the love, freedom and pure bliss like how my kids felt, it was pure magic.

Today, we celebrate 7 years living in Canada. seven.
How did this happen? How fast time is passing by? I can’t even understand nor explain it.
Thankful for this beautiful country, every minute of this Ode to Life is dedicated to you.

Happy Canniversary!

Dear Canadians,
Thank you for teaching me how to say sorry about 45,000 times a day. It is 100% true, you guys are the nicest people on earth.

Dear Toonies,
You are way cooler than pennies, okay?

Dear Canadian Healthcare,
Even sometimes when waiting times are quite long, I’m thankful you helped me deliver two little miracles, with the best attention and love. Ps. your epidural implanted Canadian genes in both of them, blonde hair? green eyes?

Dear Hockey in Canada,

Dear Tim Hortons,
After 7 long years, I can assure you I love your dark roast coffee. and no, this post is not sponsored by Timmies.

Dear Canadian Tire Dollars,
What am I supposed to do with you? Can I afford a house with it now?

Dear Canadian Bacon,
Did you know I rarely *cough* never * ate bacon like I do before moving here? Dang, you are good, good to me.

Dear Americans,
Yes, I have a Canadian accent mixed with my regular “allophone” accent. and I freaking love adding an “eh?”, a boat, and find my tuques.

Dear Poutine,

Dear Justin Trudeau,
I feel pretty cool having you as our PM. Now, can we meet and do some casual boomerangs?

Dear Canadian Food Pyramid,
Thankful for all the maple, maple flavoured things, and this sweet life we have.

Dear Cheese curds,
I think you are my true middle name.

Dear Canadian weather,
Thankful that your seasons are as extreme as the last GOT episode.

Dear Montreal,
Thank you for being my colorful partner in crime, thank you for your endless festivals, your yummy food, delish cocktails and the life you made for us. You made us one big happy family, I swear.

Dear Brunch in Quebec tradition,
It has been 7 glorious years, what a good ride eh?

Dear 9,970,610 square km of Canadian territory,
I’d love to meet you, drive every single corner and show it to both Nico and Oli. I know you are pretty rad.

Dear Ryan Gosling,
Oh Canada!

Dear snow pants,
Where are you, dude?

Dear Bloody Caesar,
Now that you are the only thing I drink, that means I’m a real Canadian?

Dear Saskatoon,
I’m sorry everybody makes fun of your name. I do like you. I swear I do.

Thank you, Canada. For changing our life, for giving us the opportunity to live our dream life.
Cheers to this, cheers to our new Canadian friends, and to the future together!
Location: Upton Quebec. Ferme Champy.

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  1. Dear Canada, Thank you for giving me one of the best homies I could have ever asked for ❤️

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