Our Life During a Pandemic The Past Weeks, If You See My Phone Carousel

Fall in Montreal: Where to go

2615, to be exact, is the amount of photos I have right now in my phone carousel, wow. 

It’s been a while since I don’t do a post with only phone photos over here, and with a new season starting, lockdown, COVID, many changes at home, at work, and going through the weirdest year of all, I had to share a photo dump, to document, remember this exact moment, in a few years. 

Maybe I’m not using my regular DSLR, the best lens, the professional look I love on the blog, but they are memories I want to cherish, especially during a pandemic year like 2020. 

Happiest Fall, sweet friends!

Studio Decor - Montreal

The day we received our first batch of calendar tubes at the studio, madness packing!

Colourful Office Kitchen
Ballet Uniform

my little princess, starting ballet classes for the first time! Oh, those warm days!

Colorful patterns outifit

Maca, being 1000% awkward while she tries to document this epic pattern play outfit.

Old Port Montreal
Old Port Must Places
Make up on little girls

yes, this also happened. 

Best ramen in Montreal
Neutral Outfit Ideas
Best Ramen Spots in Montreal

Remember restaurants? I miss this, so so much 🙁

Parks in Montreal: Where to go

someone please hug me, he’s a teenager already and I can’t handle it.

Sabor Latino Montreal

one of those days, I was really homesick, getting my Venezuelan fix, like a PRO.

Mermaid Peluche


Best Floors in Montreal
Shop Orders

The day I started selling my closet, and everyone got very excited about it (:

Pastel Outfit Ideas
Ballet Uniform
Wall Perpetual Calendar

Installing our calendar at the studio!! 

Mental Health Awareness

My first weeks taking Trintellix were so rough, with so many side effects I couldn’t work, walk, or do anything. I knew it was for the best, and today, 3 boxes after, I feel like a new person. Anxiety, who?

Pink spaces in Montreal to visit
Bathroom Selfie Style

this outfeeeeeeeeeet!

Allergy reaction kids

3rd ER visit with my little one, this time: pea allergy. 

Studio design: how to create a colourful style

we got new lamps! we got new lamps! wot wot! 

Fall flowers
Packaging tubes idea

Maca and her love for packaging, in full swing

Pink coffee shops in Montreal

the second lockdown started, restaurants closed and I supported as many as I could, like this pink beauty.

Fall in Montreal
Covid test

two COVID tests done,  COVID 0 – MACA 2

Coffee shops in Montreal

getting more baby plants!

Venezuela boxes from montreal

Sending food, essentials and all the love to Venezuela.

Fall in Montreal
Fall in Montreal

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