The October Edit (I’m back!)

She’s back, everybody

After a long (*coughs*  totally planned) blog hiatus, I’m back this week and a lot has happened the past two months: two weeks away with my fam to Dallas and Miami (unforgettable), ALL the summer picnics, concerts, beach days, family get togethers and finally, some time off from absolutely everything (that I enjoyed so so much).

Starting a new season is like a reset button for me, the excitement of starting something new (I know, weird, I’m usually very scared of change, but here we are), setting new goals I want to achieve, wearing new cozy outfits, cooking ALL the soups, and beginning the Christmas countdown (don’t judge me, I’m excited already!) 

Isn’t this insane? Is 2022 seriously almost over? 

In the most fashionably late arrival to the blog, here are a bunch of photos from my camera roll, a perfect ode to say, see you soon, Summer. Ps. I’ll still be your summer girl. 

tacombi Miami


Tons of food (my specialty) happened the past months: I couldn’t go to Miami without my mandatory Tacombi visit, obviously.  If you’re planning a visit to Dallas soon, add The Salty Donut to your list, it’s the most adorable spot serving incredible coffee and donuts. But, If you are in Montreal, I gotcha! Joe Beef launched a new line of frozen meals for the first time exclusively across all Metro’s.


My favourite cardio, right? During our vacations I visited the brand new Glossier showroom (insert Maca screaming) and I have zero words to express how good it is. Located in the heart of the Miami design district stop by to get all your beauty essentials while you try every single product (and take a mandatory Glossier selfie at the end of your experience). We also did some local shopping in a few areas downtown Dallas, but I’ll be sharing a detailed travel guide sooon to inspire you! 

During my summer, besides all the traveling and shopping, I also did another Hey Maca closet drop and it was SO fun to see how many of you are LOVING colourful clothes lately! If you don’t want to miss the next one, follow the closet Instagram account over here.


I planned and created some COOL projects  for the blog, for HGTV and for the shop! I experimented working with new materials and power tools (hello, I’m obsessed with my wood router) and finally finished our modern studio desk! 

During summer, I also launched a VERY special collaboration for the shop, our first Hey Maca candle with our Flambette friends! A carefully designed scent with magnolia, peach and raspberry notes in the happiest peach can with an adorable packaging created by our team – a DREAM collab with the most magical and talented ladies, Marie and Tania.

It was definitely a busy summer, and you know THAT I LOVE it.


On a personal note, I LOVED spending so much time with Nico and Oli, it was Oli’s first school vacation and we planned many fun activities: at the studio (many cute crafting days with mama), her first big concert (Dua Lipa OMG), Nico playing tennis with dad, Osheaga festival with friends, beach days in PEC, and tons of grandpa and grandma time. 

Our construction permits for the #HeyMacaBuildsaSecondFloor are almost there, just waiting for the last round of approvals and crossing all my fingers it goes as planned, to finally start before the first snow falls. In the meantime, I started visiting showrooms (all the fun here) and getting all the Pinterest inspiration

SO happy to be back here friends, stay tuned as they say, BECAUSE Youtube episodes are coming REAL SOON – so head here and subscribe!

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