Let’s DIY These Adorable Easter Eggs

Easter is around the corner (YAY this means flowers, good weather, cute picnics and much more riiiiight?) and for me, Easter is all about new beginnings, a new season to welcome friends and family at home after many months of snow and cold weather. 

In today’s post, I’m just BEYOND excited to bring back our weekly DIY project ideas after moving to the new Hey Maca studio *an official update and tour is coming soon okayyyy* and of course, I’m ALL about Easter cuteness around here. 

Let’s create decorate together these adorable Easter eggs using just simple materials you might have at home, and have ALL the fun!

Shall we?


– Fresh eggs 

– Acrylic paint in different colours (I used white and light yellow)

– Vinegar & water

– Food colouring 

– Paint brushes 

How to:

First, let’s dye the eggs:  If you want do dye the eggs as I did, start by washing them with soap, grab a bowl (for each colour) and pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 3/4 tsp of water and add the food colouring until you achieve the tone you’d like. Add the eggs to the mix and let them set until fully dry

Then, it’s all about cute daisies: I decided to decorate my eggs this year with adorable white daisies and to do so, I used a very thin paint brush, making 5 dots forming a flower. Repeat this process until you fill the eggs, and end it by adding a dot in the center with a different colour.

How stinking CUTE are these lil’ Easter eggs? 

I hope you can make this easy and beautiful project this year and I cannot wait to see you in the next DIY around here, deal?

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