Before & After: Our Bedroom Makeover For Spring is Here!

Finally, I’m so happy to share our principal bedroom update that took a bit of planning, colour decisions and a new palette I’ve been LOVING (and it’s not pink as you ALL imagined).

Inspired by natural materials, I wanted to create a soothing new space incorporating a dreamy colour combination: sage and terracotta, and adding many essential accessories we were missing previously: a new bed frame, side tables and finally wall lights from an incredible and sustainable company, Gantri I’ve been following for a bit.

Scroll down to check all the sources, materials, inspiration of our makeover.  

The before 

I loved our terrazzo wall decals that gave our bedroom a statement piece of design for a while, but we didn’t have a headboard, lamps or any accessories that blended together, I knew I wanted a change and now that Spring is here, it was the perfect timing to start. 

I said good bye to the accent wall and welcomed a new bedroom era. Did I mention I love paint? You’ll see…

What’s new 

The first thing I picked was a new fresh paint colour (obviously). I’ve been into Sage for the longest time, I knew this calming colour is exactly what our principal bedroom needed. It is so wonderful to think that color is such a powerful tool in creating a relaxing and inspiring environment especially after a global pandemic hit us worldwide. 

Did you know how the colour is paired with other textures and finishes will impact the mood that you create in your interiors? Sage green feels especially fitting with natural materials, and I decided to  compliment it with a beautiful terracotta pink (our lights), a wicker headboard, natural wood, and a beautiful white and black dots wool rug seeking to achieve a serene and restful area. 

As a designer, creating moments at home is one of my favourite parts especially when I decorate and pick up pieces and lately, I’ve been loving the new curve trend aesthetic, I mean, curvy design is here to stay friends! I loved discovering Gantri’s Kobble sustainable collection, making made-to-order lighting products entirely from plant-based polymers.

You can check the entire collection here, RUN because it is SO good.

I’m so happy with this makeover and how peaceful the bedroom looks now, don’t you agree?

Makeover design sources

  • Terracotta Lights from Gantri
  • Wooden bed frame, wicker headboard and side table with air purifier from IKEA
  • Pink side table from Bouclair
  • Polka dot beni ourain rug from Babasouk
  • Pink gingham bedding set from HM Home
  • Sage brush code 5370-3 indoor paint from Behr

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