Let’s DIY the Prettiest Wavy Flower Vase

I’ve been eyeing everything wavy lately: glasses, coffee mugs, plant pots and vases, so I knew I had to plan it: Maca, you gotta make soomethiiing in this shape, clearly the next DIY project is – drumroll – a stylish wavy vase! 

In only 30 minutes, you will create the trendiest vase that all your friends won’t believe you really, really made (a perfect DIY Christmas gift!) 

Scroll down and let’s DIY together!



Step One

Pile up the 6 craft foam wreaths adding hot glue to each wreath, attaching one by one until you glue them together as one piece. 

Step two

Mix the baking soda with the paint and mix. The baking soda will create a soft and beautiful texture to the vase new colour.

step three 

Apply one thick coat of paint to the vase covering the foam and let it dry for 20 minutes until it is completely dry.

Step four

Add your flowers in a small pot filled with water and use your new wavy vase to display them. Voila! 

How adorable is this new vase? 

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