The Year’s Most Magical Month Arrived To The Studio!

Pastel Christmas Tree Decor

It’s the moooost wonderful timeeeee of the yearrrrrrr! (who else can’t stop singing this song at this moment?)

We decorated for Christmas a bit earlier this year at the studio and at home, we usually wait until the very last week of November, but I really wanted to get our kids excited (and celebrate Nico’s bday with a tree, happy string lights and decor).

I’m a big fan of document this part of Christmas adding some tiny changes to our tree decor (more pom poms) always keeping the same colour scheme, obvs.

Here are a bunch of photos of what the Hey Maca Studio looks now, filled with string lights, ornaments, presents and all the merry mood we need. 

White christmas tree decor ideas
Christmas decor ideas

How cute is having a HeyMaca ornament? 

Thanks to our sweet friend, Amy!

White and Pastel Christmas Decor

I’m probably the happiest girl with this view all Christmas long as soon as we got this cute tree up (trust me). 

Funny story, we always had our tree outside at home, (remember this decor?). This year, for the very first time we’ll have an indoor tree at home, and you can’t miss the reveal here.

Pastel Pink Christmas Decor Ideas
Christmas decor in pastel tones
Christmas decor in pastel scheme

Whenever you start decorating for Christmas, I wish you the most wonderful time with your family and friends decorating! 



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