My Top 5 DIY Projects for HGTV You Need to Try, ASAP!

Since I’ll be celebrating two years as a DIY creator for my beloved HGTV Canada family soon, It’s the perfect time for another roundup of the CUTEST DIY projects I’ve done for them the past months to get YOU inspired. 

Grab your power tools and materials, listen to my favourite crafting playlist and most importantly, let’s have all the fun together.

On y va les amis!

DIY Candle Holders Upcycling Idea 

I had to start with one of the most surprising and easiest DIY ideas I’ve done for HGTV, how to transform an old wooden desk table to these modern candle holders. Follow full tutorial over here 

You totally Need this stovetop potpourri this fall

I didn’t know how incredible stovetop potpourris were until I made this one a few weeks go, creating an urgent need in me to make this special DIY a tradition every single season. Head over here to check it out.

A trendy acrylic laptop riser you totally need, now

If you have seen acrylic DIY projects all over TikTok recently, you NEED to make this trendy acrylic riser, a super simple project (promise) helping you refresh your desk in just a few minutes. Here’s the detailed tutorial, have fun!

A wavy shelf? Let’s do it

If you combine a wavy design plus this shade of pink, you know it’ll be the dreamiest DIY idea. Head to HGTV over here and get crafty with this fun shelf project.

Custom DIY pendant lights from old dishes (I’m not kidding)

If you’re in the look up to upgrade your light fixtures with little money, learn how to make these modern pendant lights from old dishes, plates or bowls, over here

I’d LOVE to know your favourite! Can’t wait to see you in the next roundup, soon.


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