DIY This Sustainable Halloween Centerpiece (and then eat it!)

Who else is a citrus AND a Halloween lover around here? Join me today to recreate the sweeeetest clementine centerpiece that I’m sure will be the fave around your kiddos this year. 

This adorable sustainable idea will just require a few (fresh) materials, so let’s add all the bright colour and fun snacks to our Halloween table, shall we? 


  • Two bags of Clementines 
  • A bunch of fresh kale 
  • One 4.75″ x 17.9″ styrofoam cone (I used one that I thrifted, win!)
  • Eucalyptus garland
  • Decorative leaves 
  • Cookie icing 
  • Candy eyeballs 
  • Bamboo skewers & toothpicks 
  • Aluminium foil or  compostable parchemin paper 

Step one: Set up the base

Let’s start by wrapping the cone with the aluminium paper or parchemin to protect the base. By adding a layer of protection, you can reuse the kale when the clementines are eaten, zero waste! 

Step two: Add the kale 

Remove the kale stem and just use the leaves to cover the base. Make sure you add bamboo toothpicks to attach the kale, that you will later use for the clementines. Cover as much as you can (so you don’t show the aluminium paper). 

Step three: Decorate the clementines 

You can use cookie icing to stick the candy eyeballs to your clementines, let them dry for a bit and let’s jump to the next step. 

Step four: Set up the tower 

Now, grab your bamboo skewers and pierce the clementines to the tower facing the eyeballs to the front. For this step, I use a skewer instead of a toothpick (they will hold the weight perfectly). To end decorating, add the decorative leaves where you see blank spaces and use the eucalyptus to fill the bottom of your beautiful centerpiece. The more greenery, the happier the tower will be!


Hope you love this idea and I wish you a very happy, spooky and fun Halloween!

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