Happy Easter Ideas Round-up! (from DIY to our Traditions)

Easter DIY Flower Crowns

This weekend we’ll celebrate a very different Easter, wow 2020!

If you’re still wondering what to do, and how to decorate your table this year, I’m bringing you two beautiful projects and will tell you all our traditions during Easter, with a sweet round up of 4 cute ideas we did over these years at home.

Between endless hours and days taking care of Nico and Oli, cooking and organizing our home, I sadly couldn’t put something together this year as I had planned, but at least, we can go back to happy projects and recreate them together. 

brb, I’m going to craft all my feelings, okay?

Easter DIY Ideas

DIY Tabletop Flower Wreaths

Definitely, one of the prettiest and easiest Easter projects we’ve done to date with our Babasouk friends! These flower wreaths will take (literally) one minute to make and will bring all the joy needed this season. You can pick your favourite flower and will need only scissors and clear tape. 

Step-by-step tutorial here

Neon Easter DIY Eggs

Neon DIY Eggs

With only 4 materials you probably have at home during the quarantine, this project will be a favourite at home (my kids loved it). You’ll only need neon sharpies in different shades and colours, hard boiled or wood eggs, little takeout boxes and voila! the cutest (and simplest) DIY this easter while you set up a beautiful table decor.

Step-by-step tutorial here

Easter Cookies DIY Ideas

When our little ones played model for a day

Two years ago, we celebrated the most fashionable Easter with the kids: they played a model for a day while decorated the most adorable sugar cookies with our friend Johanie. If you’re in the mood to prepare a sweet dessert this weekend, check these easy (and yummy) options:

– colourful brigadeiros 

– mini strawberry cheesecakes

Easter Eggs Craft Ideas

How we usually spend Easter at home

I know this year our realities changed drastically and we won’t be able to celebrate it with our families and friends at home, like we did last year.  One thing we’re planning to do, is no matter what, have our Easter brunch tradition and a tiny egg hunt with Nico and Oli, because the easter bunny is still working full time spreading all the joy our kids need. 

As soon as you finish egg hunting, check our free shop printables! and enjoy a cute DIY activity with your kids.

Easter Table decor Ideas

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