Easy Easter DIY: Neon Eggs

Easter is around the corner, and we are SO excited to share a super easy DIY project (and also super trendy): Neon Easter eggs!If you procrastinated between spring cleaning, spring forward and all things new season, this is THE project for you, super easy and can be done without any help. I was looking for some ideas on how to decorate my eggs this year with some major production, colour palettes and all that jazz, until life happened. This little idea will look super adorable in your next Easter dinner party even if you want to use them as a centerpiece like I did in the last picture of this post.So grab your materials and neon markets, we got this, right?


  • Plastic white eggs or hardboiled white eggs
  • Neon sharpies in different shades 
  • Mini take-out boxes
  • Mini jelly beans (to decorate the boxes)

How to

Boil the eggs until they are ready or unpack the plastic eggs. hold them and directly draw with a Neon sharpie on the egg your preferred pattern (we mixed 4 different ones in two colours to have a little partaaay mix). Set them inside the mini take-out box and voila! that’s it!

How are you celebrating Easter this year? Do you usually decorate your eggs? I’d love to know!Happy Easter, sweet friends!

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