Let’s DIY a Modern Scandi Vase in Only 3 Steps!

Scandi wooden vase DIY project

All my cane lovers, are you around here? yes? oui? 

I’ve been LOVING all things rattan for a few years now and having a home filled with natural pine in many corners (and as a proud daughter of a talented carpenter), I’m hyper inspired in creating many easy DIY projects with wood lately. This beautiful scandi modern vase made in only few suuuuper easy steps will be a perfect upgrade to any regular, boring and meeep vase you have at home, pinky promise!

You’ll just need a hot glue gun, heavy duty glue sticks and a few materials to make it at home, are you ready?

Scandi Vase DIY step by step
Easy DIY idea: this scandi vase in wood


3/16 in wooden dowels

– Embroidery hoop (I used a 7′ diameter)

Pine circle as a base

– Cane webbing 

– Wood knobs 

– Hot glue gun and heavy duty glue sticks

Scandi vase in wood DIY project

Step one – let’s create a base

Grab your natural wood knobs to start, I used three and created a triangle in the base of our vase. Using the hot glue gun, secure them pressing for 30 seconds each.

Scandi wooden vase DIY project
Scandi wooden vase DIY tutorial
Easy DIY idea: make this scandi wooden floral vase

Step two: Glue the dowels 

Add a small dot of hot glue to the base and add the first dowel. As soon as it is dry, glue the embroidery hoop and the dowel at the top of the base. Continue one dowel at a time, until the vase is entirely covered.

Scandi floral vase in a few easy steps
Scandi floral vase DIY project
Scandi vase in a few easy steps DIY project

Step three: Let’s add the cane

As soon as you finish glueing all the dowels and you have finished your vase, let’s add a touch of cane! Using the hot glue gun, I added glue in a zig-zag form and added a piece of cane right at the bottom of the vase. Let it dry for about 5 minutes, pressing the cane to the dowels. 

Adding cane to a scandi floral vase DIY
Rattan and wood floral vase DIY
DIY scandi wooden floral vase in a few steps

Can you believe you can DIY this project in only three steps? 

Here’s your new scandi modern vase, yay!

Scandi Vase materials
Scandi vase details

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