You Won’t Believe How Easy It is To Make Your Own Bohemian Rope Rug

DIY Round Bohemian Rope Rug

Round rope rugs are my total obsession. 

I own a big one at home (in my dining area) and I have always loved how they add such a fun, sophisticated touch to any corner, right? The sad part? They can be very pricey, hard to find and not in the exact size you want most of the time. 

So, I did a little research how to DIY my own bohemian round rope rug and I couldn’t believe how incredibly easy it is to make one (you’ll be seriously impressed!).

All you need to make this project: rope, a hot glue gun, scissors and a drop cloth.

Bohemian Round Rug DIY project


– Rope (I got this one at Amazon and loved the light tone)

– Fabric or drop cloth we will use for the base

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Scissors 

Round Rope Rug DIY

Step one – Start with the base of the rug

Grab a drop cloth and smooth it out on the floor or a big table. Start curling the rope slowly and secure it with hot glue as you go.

Step two – Roll your rope

Keep rolling the rope and adding lines of hot glue directly on the bottom of the rope, attaching it to your drop cloth at the same time. I used heavy duty glue sticks but you can also use liquid nails if you don’t have a hot glue gun. Continue rolling and rolling,  you’ll notice as it gets bigger it will be way easier to glue.

Round Rope Rug Easy DIY project
How to make your own round rope rug at home
Easy Rug project: A round rope one

Step three – Let’s cut out the drop cloth

As soon as you finish rolling all the rope, flip the rug over and using your scissors, cut the drop cloth at the edge of the rug so when you use it you won’t see the fabric. Tip: be careful not to cut your rope, go slowly!

Guess what? This is it! You finished your adorable round rope rug in only three steps, unbelievable right?

Round Rope Rug DIY tutorial

I looove how easy this project was and now I have a perfect sized round rug right next to the studio fridge (much needed!). 

Are you planning to make yours at home as well? 

I can’t wait to see your creations, using the hashtag #HeyMacaDIY

Rope Rug DIY project
Round rug DIY project in a few steps

Happy DIYing sweet friends!

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