How to Create Your Own Pottery Studio at Home

How to create your own pottery studio at home

It’s been months since I started my first pottery class as my art therapy (did you read my first blog post about it?) and right now, I kinda know the techniques I want to explore, the colour palettes I want to do, the shapes and forms I’ve been loving making, and in a nutshell, how happy I am discovering pottery due to a global pandemic happening in the world, crazy, right? 

After two wheel courses, a few online hand building courses (check my faves here) and right now, finishing a Nerikomi and hand building at the same time (yes, it’s happening), I’ve learned how you can organize a little cute pottery studio at home, just like I did. 

In this post, I’ll show you my favourite tools I’ve been using on a daily basis, and where to find them if you live in Canada (all linked below!). Note that these are essentials if you want to practice hand building, if you’re leaning to start with the wheel, I recommend you to do it at a professional space. 

Happy cute pottery time, friends!

how to create your own pottery studio at home: all the essentials you need!

1- Basic tool kit – These are the essential tools you’ll need at home, I got a set like this one and they have been amazing so far!

2- Mini roller – If you want to do small shapes, this mini wooden roller is theeee best one.

3- Bamboo Panel (18×24) – I had a collection of small bamboo boards until I found this one and my life changed. You need a big space to work your clay!

4- Respirator – If you’re planning to work with luster (gold) and coloured clay, you need a proper respirator, and this one is the recommended one (I recently got one for my future luster details I’m planning to do)

5- PRO rolling pin – Your slabs will thank you, forever and ever

6- Extruder set – A perfect kit to make coils, shapes and forms (especially for Nerikomi)

7- SUPER cool wooden tools – Garrity tools have THE best selection, if you’re into hand building or wheel

8 – Pro sponge – I tried these little sponges this week and now I want to marry them.

9- Clay workstation – a dreamy wedging board (insert tears here)


Create your own pottery studio at home: the essentials you need

If you want to see how I loaded a Kiln with these babies for the first time, head to my Instagram!

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