Current Mood: Let’s Welcome Spring with These Cute Home Accessories

Spring home decor essentials

Yesterday, we felt a lovely spring breeze here in Montreal. 

For the first time this year, I went out with a light jacket (aka a shaaaaaacket) and my good ol’ converse with no socks when I saw a lovely 10 degrees celsius in the forecast (insert caribbean Maca jumping with joy over here)

(side note: am I really Canadian now?)

Soooo, long story short, all the sunshine and incredible weather inspired me THIS MUCH that I had to put together a list to welcome the new season, filled with many gems you and I both, sweet friend, need at home this Spring.

Happy Spring shopping!

Trendy home decor accessories you need at home this Spring

1. These arch concrete trays: aren’t they just a beauty? (standing ovation happening) It’s clear I’ve been obsessed with concrete lately, so I totally feel I need these at home, asap.

2. OH EM GEE this lamp OMG!: If I could add this statement piece at home (maybe in my future home extension?) you can bet I would!

3. A cute serving bowl: Loved this gold/black aluminum bowl so much. We used them for our fresh produce and they’re so versatile and stylish.

4. Scallop shelf ledge: I cannot handle this one! Available in many colours, this shelf will add such a sweet accent to any room at home.

5. Scallop planters: I know spring only means new flowers, weeep! so we all need a pretty planter for our new plant babies (of course I picked a scalloped one, obvs)

6. This gorgeous table lamp: with a marble touch? YES please! 

7. A cute wall decor for flowers: One thing I love about spring, is the walks with my little one Oli where she picks many little flowers! I got this wall decor accent piece from the talented Goye (my pottery teacher), and we love to fill it with flowers so much!

8. A fun colourful cushion: I own these pillows in two tones (white and mustard) and love the quality and how fun they are! 

9. Terrazo mug: A stylish, zero-waste cute option when you’re on the go

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