Current Mood: 8 Things I’m Loving This Month!

My top 8 this Fall

Fall is hereeee (I’ll be 100% honest, I’m not ready), but who’s ready this year? Things are so unreal, that I can’t even remember what I did yesterday, or what day is tomorrow (insert nervous laughs here ha!). It’s been a while since our last current mood list over here, and this month I have been loving maaaany new cool stuff I bought, or cannot stop wearing somehow. 

here’s everything I’ve been obsessed with this month, drumrooooll:



  1. UNIQLO white u crew top: Did you also join the club I own too many white tops OMG? if you are, welcome to the best club! I gotta say, I’m a proud owner of three (reads, 3) white ucrew tops from UNIQLO, because, this cotton is just the one I wanna get marry to. SO good.
  2.  Our Place Pan: My last kitchen purchase, gift from moi to moi, and a way to remind myself I need to cook more. YES, I’m obsessed with this pan, it is absolutely amazing! The fact that you can do so many things got my heart, and now I have it at the studio (it is induction compatible) and my bestie, my pink bestie. 
  3. The Daily Stoic book: Are we insta-besties yet? If yes, you know this book is my daily morning ritual, and have changed me for good, for real good (I want to cry, for real).
  4. Custom letter necklace initial: in my wishlist since the lockdown started, and found this ultra-adorable Etsy shop that offers it in many different colours, and lengths (double the yay!). I also want custom name rings, but, one thing at the time right?
  5.  Hair dryer and volumizing styler: THIS – IS – THE – FUTURE. nothing else to add. You need it. 
  6. Transparent containers: If you’ve been organizing your life as this mama over here (high-five! bestie!) I got a set of these amazing containers on Amazon I’ve been loving so much, so in case you want to start as well, get em.
  7. White high tops: I wanted these converse so badly that apparently I can’t stop wearing them now! it’s been three weeks that they are the only pair of shoes that are going out with me. 
  8. Glossier cloud paint:  so dreamy, you’ll never go back to anything else!

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