A visual Guide To That Time When I Visited Buenos Aires, 3 Years Ago



Oh my god! Can you believe this visual guide that arrived to the blog 3 years late? Of course, I could not wait to share it with you all these precious moments, just because Buenos Aires es lo mas lindo del mundo and I miss it so much, right? 

Between asados, live tango, provoletas, plazas, unbelievable pizzas and the charm of Recoleta, this city makes me love porteños so damn much, and in our second visit to Argentina, I met all my best friends, we walked endless miles, and had the best time I could’ve asked for.

Enjoy this guide below, where I pinned all the #HeyMacaPlaces we visited, hoping that as soon as the pandemic is over, we can all go back, and enjoy all the beauty of Argentina.


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