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12 Years of Hey Maca: Here Are My Fave 12 Destinations You Need to Visit!

a pink terrace with table and chairs in Los Angeles

As I celebrate 12 incredible years of creating lifestyle content at Hey Maca, I am filled with joy and gratitude for the countless memories I’ve collected along the way.

From visiting cities with an immense history to spend time in serene beaches, each destination has left an indelible mark on my heart. Through my travel guides and itineraries, I hope to inspire and help you travel better and smarter. Let’s take a journey down memory lane, revisiting the amazing places I’ve explored and shared with you these past 12 years together.

Pack your bags and let’s do this friends,


girl sitting at a bench in front of a pink wall

Los Angeles

A city that has been on my bucket list for a long, long time since I was living in Venezuela and finally visited a few years ago. My first Los Angeles time was at the Oh Joy studio, where I took a tour of her studio and participated in one of her amazing blogger courses.  

Check my Los Angeles travel guide over here!

a view of old buildings in Cartagena


The magic of Colombia, Cartagena captured my heart with its colourful, vibrant, colonial architecture and culture that reminded me of my hometown, Maracaibo. In my travel guide you’ll find the best spots where you can stay, eat, shop and discover as a solo or family adventure.

Check my Cartagena travel guide over here!

buenos aires

If you love Paris romantic flair, you would adore visiting Buenos Aires, our gem of latin america. The best asados, tango shows, spectacular views, incredible pizza and so much more, this is a city that you must add to your wishlist, asap. 

Check my Buenos Aires travel guide over here!

Beach view in Punta Cana

Punta Cana

A family destination where the only things I have noted in my agenda are sun, sand, pool and relax. We looooove Punta Cana to unplug from our busy day-to-day especially staying in an all-inclusive resort, where you don’t need to worry about anything, just wearing your bathing suit and sunscreen.

Check my Punta Cana travel guide over here!

Museum of Ice Cream view of bar


A city I need to visit at least once a year that has a part of my heart. Many miami adventures have been shared on my Instagram account and on my website, showing you all the vibrant spots, artsy places, best hotels and where to savour the best latin cuisine, of course. 

Check my Miami colourful travel guide here, this guide if you are a design lover, the Museum of Ice Cream takes Miami.

Jungle view in Martinique


An unforgettable experience, what a joy to visit Martinique! Only 5 hours away from Montreal,  you can expect a paradisiac french island in the heart of the Caribbean, where pastries are french, the plantains are creole and the Martiniquais are pure soul. 

Check my Martinique travel guide here!

view of zapara, maracaibo from a boat


13 years passed since I last visited Venezuela, my home. In this emotional, raw and fun travel guide I share all my discoveries going back home after so long, and all the beautiful things I discovered along the way. 

Check my Maracaibo travel guide here!

porto picturesque mosaic walls


Our first Europe adventure with the kiddos! I was so excited to show them both Lisbon and Porto, a much needed time as a family spent in the oldest cities in the world, filled with colour, tiles, yummy food and pastries – all the things I love about traveling.

Check my Lisbon travel guide here and my Porto adventures here

the museum of ice cream new york city view from inside

new york

A 6-hour away roadtrip from Montreal, New York is a must for solo-travel or family adventures! The past 12 years I have explored this city in many ways, soaking up the food, cultural and architectural scene every time I’m there. 

Check my many New York City guides over here

Palm springs

An absolute dream destination if you love design, where you won’t believe it is real. This desert oasis has a magical retro-flair offering many mid-century modern spots, from luxurious hotels, chic restaurants and colourful boutique hotels like The Saguaro. 

Check my Palm Springs guide over here


The bohemian, relaxed and stunning vibe of Tulum is a must-visit situation, especially after you see the crystalline white sand beaches, the food scene and boutique hotels straight from a Pinterest board – a dream!

Check my Tulum travel guide over here

churreria in mexico city


Mexico city had me when I tried an OG spicy michelada, street tacos, places filled with tiles, the streets of Roma and Condesa, and all the fun people I had the chance to meet while I was there. If you are looking for a city that offers tons of history, great eats and cultural treasures, now is the time to visit Mexico!

Check my Mexico city guide over here

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