Los Angeles City Guide: Where to find all the prettiness!

A city guide to Los Angeles

Seriously, last month flew by. So many things happened, including hopping in a plane to Lalaland! 

YES, my very first visit to the city of Los Angeles (remember our cali adventures last year here?), and yes, with no kids, just mama,  only for 48 hours to explore, eat and shop. This time around, I didn’t plan a big itinerary because I knew my time was so limited (including a workshop with one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers) but, as always, a mini city tour guide with all the #heymacaplaces is always a must in this blog, right? 

Ironically, LA has been that city in my bucket list since.. forever ago? I know there would be no shortage of amazing places, things to do on my first official visit, and after putting together this post, I-just-need-to-go-back. 

Are you ready to explore cute LA together? Shall we? Let’s go!

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How to get to LA from Montreal, how to move around

How far is it? 6 hours from Montreal, you can easily take a direct flight from Montreal or do a few stops before getting there (saving a bit of money for more food, yes!) 

Cheapest months to book your flights? February! (jackpot for all the Canadians trying to escape from the endless snow and winter storms) Best tool I use to plan our vacations? Google Flights!

Is Uber affordable? YES!  I used Uber during my time there, the prices are very decent despite the long distances between places.

What about renting a car? This would be my first option if I visit again with a bit more time to explore. I didn’t know Los Angeles was such an immense city, so this can be perfect if you’re traveling with your family or if you have limited time.

Best spots to visit in LA
Where to stay

I did endless research where to stay (and what was the most affordable option for only 48 hours), and I found the most stylish, sparkling clean, Airbnb bed and breakfast in downtown LA. A lot of people told me to be extra careful around downtown, but in all honestly, I would definitely go back to this place. 

All the details here: The Burlington Hotel

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eat, eat, eat: where to go

Coffee at Intelligentsia: remember my epic blue tile selfie I posted on Instagram after my trip? They also serve epic coffee and croissants. A must stop.

All the Halloumi at Roo Silver Lake: Aussi brunch lover, this spot is for you! I loooved having breakfast and coffee in this ultra-pastel, cute place in the heart of Silver Lake. Tip: be there early and have the first table next to the door, you’ll see how all the cute dogs come in for treats, the sweetest view!

All the pink at Alfred Tea Room: A classic while in LA! I visited two locations, Melrose and SilverLake, both worth the visit even if you aren’t a matcha drinker, like me. 

A cortado por favor at Dayglow: This gem was one of my fave spots and I can totally see myself coming back! 

Your next taco fix at Chicas Tacos: The most adorable pastel spot in downtown LA, now serving vegan options.

Where to find all the pretty spots in Los Angeles
Where to find all the pretty spots in LA

If you’re in the mood for all the sugar at Mr. Holmes Bakeshop: YES ALL THE SWEETS BABY! 

Fancy drinks and small bites at Bar Calo: I was dying to see this place in person and it didn’t disappoint. Beautifully designed, an epic cocktail list and small bites, Calo made me happy.

After all the food, coffee again at Dinosaur Coffee: this mama needed it so badly, and I loved discovering this coffee shop.

The best thai dishes I had the chance to try at Same Same: the fried rice, the noodles, everything in here. WOW.

All the comfort food at Croft Alley: my homie Noyemi knows the best hidden spots in the city, and this was THE one. 


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So now, my fave shopping spots:

Poketo, if you want all the paper cuteness: I visited two of the 4 locations in LA and If I could, I’ll bring an entire suitcase back home with Poketo treasures. 

Local gems at Yolk: another fave in LA where I found goodies for the kids, home and myself. SO perfect for little gems to bring back home.

ROW DTLA: A must! ROW is home to 65 carefully curated retail shops and restaurants, and let me tell ya, you’ll be obsessed. Tip: If you’re visiting on a Sunday, they host the famous Smorgasburg, yay! 

ROW must-stops: shop some incredible outfits at Dra, coffee at go get em tiger, get all the cute office supplies at Hightide, all the mini things at OMAMImini and homemade ceramic goods at Still Life Ceramics.

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Glossier LA: What to get when you visit
My fave shopping spots,, cont.

Glossier, the OG!: my first thing to do on Melrose avenue? of course, Glossier! Gimme everything pink, natural makeup and perfect branding. 

Mansur Gavriel if you want dreamy pieces: and now with a La Durée just inside, this makes one of the dreamiest pitstops I did while in LA.

The Grove for some classic shopping: I didn’t want to do a classic mall visit, I did the prettiest mall visit, at The Grove! With all my fave classic shops (Madewell, Jcrew, Anthro, Nordstrom) I adored this open concept shopping center, you need to add to your bucket list.

ClareV, one of the very best stops: If you want all the bags, accessories and the parisian charm. I had to stop and get something just before leaving LA.

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Cheap and gorgeous stay in Los Angeles: The Burlington

Our super cute airbnb and the best LA host, my sweet girlfriend and forever grandma soul sista, Noyemi.

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Bar Calo, the new trendy spot of LA!
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Hi, my name is Maca and I’m obsessed with cute bathrooms. 

48hrs travel guide to LA: What to see and do

I think I broke a major record visiting so many places in only two days. I still have so many on my bucket list (including museums and art exhibitions), so you gotta be sure a second round of LA will hit this blog, hopefully, soon!

Love you all, xo

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