End-of-Summer Adventures We Loved!

Charlevoix things to do

I can’t believe another summer season passed by so quickly. Maybe I’m aging fast (maaaybe?), but I’ve been feeling the days and minutes are in a ultra-speedy rhythm I can’t keep up. Thankfully, this caribbean mama over here learnt she better enjoy every precious second of warm temperatures in this side of the world, because we aren’t fortunate enough to have them all year long as we did back home in Venezuela. 

Tons of days surrounded by water, pools, tennis classes, tons of walks, afternoons with my kiddos, hamac meditations, picnics, BBQs with friends, salad freshness shared with Oli and intense heat warnings was pretty much a nutshell of my summer this year.  

We also loved road tripping with the family and some friends, and even though we had to postpone our Cancun travels to a later date (thanks again, coviiiiid), we still visited some new local spots in Quebec with the kids that we adored.

This post is a visual diary of all the summer feels we felt, all the beautiful moments we spent and to welcome a new season that is at our doorstep. 

We love you, summertime!

Bohemian living room decor
Pink Dress with Converse Style
Summer adventures with kids
babasouk cottage near montreal
Bohemian kitchen decor
charlevoix things to do during summer
babasouk cottage decor
le germain hotel
charlevoix le germain hotel with kids
White dress midi style with converse
Lake views during summer in quebec

Our summer stays 

The babasouk cottage (HIGHLY recommended!)

Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

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