3 tips to Organize and Clean your Home If You’re a New Pet Mama (Just Like Me!)

Clean tips when you have a pet at home

5 months have passed since our little white snowball, Moshi, arrived at home (and we couldn’t be any happier) and as a new cat mama I’m getting used to the fact that with two kids and now a cat at home, organization is my number one priority at the moment. 

Perhaps this says a lot about the stage of life I’m in, when walking into my shoebox home with a brand new vacuum feels like I hit the jackpot, but in all honesty, it truly did feel like I just won the lotto when I started using my new Samsung Jet 90 Stick Vacuum, you guys, I’m in cleaning heaven: it’s cordless, it’s beautiful and it helps to keep allergens away!

In today’s post, I’ll show you 3 fun tips to organize and clean your home if you’re a new pet mama just like me. Let’s roll!

Organization tips when you have a new pet

You need convenient & smart appliances, your first priority as a pet mama

Having a pet back home (besides all the cuteness and purrrs) also meant oh god all the cat hair is back!  Thanks to our friends at Samsung Canada I feel being a cat mama now is a breezy task thanks to their new Jet 90 Stick Vacuum since daily vacuum trips is a pretty new occurrence for our family of now 4. The Jet90 is simply brilliant: it comes with 5 layered HEPA filtration system (score), a powerful 200W suction and the Clean Station (sold separately), helps you breathe cleaner by preventing any pet dander and allergens escaping from the Jet90 back into the air.

My dream? It’s cordless (pinch me!) with many many accessories that are not only convenient but smart. With a pet, I always empty the bin after each vacuuming session to keep the oils and odors from accumulating. All the tricky corners we always missed? We gotcha with the new 180-degree swivel head (ha!) and a CleanStation that will clean your vacuum bin as soon as your daily session is done, did I say a dream? 

Samsung Jet90 Review

Establish a daily routine (No kidding!)

I noticed an immediate change as soon as I started a daily routine at home with Moshi: Started by organizing all Moshi’s toys in a cute bin (he plays with them aaaall the time, so it’s important to keep them tidy), followed by vacuuming the floor and his favourite couch after breakfast and before bed, and lastly, scooping his litter keeping the odours in control all the time. 

We change his litter every Tuesday making sure we can keep his little bathroom-cat as clean as we can. With this daily routine, I find that our deep cleanings every two weeks are way way easier (because we try to keep everything organized during the week!) and with a couple regularly cleaned areas and practices, your home won’t smell like a pet lives with you. This (of course) only means a happy kitty and a happy cat mama!

Cleaning your home when you have a new pet

Try essential oils and candles after each cleaning session

My favorite part of organizing and cleaning gotta be this one, when I light up a cute candle or my favourite essential Oil. There are many air freshening and essential oils that are safe for pets (palo santo and lavender are my fourite) and natural, soy-based candles are also great choices for pets to soothe the ambiance and keep everything fresh on a daily basis.  

Cleaning with pets at home tips

Do you have any cleaning rituals at home with pets? I can’t wait to know all the details!

Endless thanks to Samsung Canada for sponsoring this post today. All the tips expressed in this post are genuinely mine. 

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