Escape From The City With Two Ideas to Welcome Fall (& They’re Super Cute!)

Bucket List: Head to a flower field near Montreal
Flower Field one hour from Montreal
Dalias Boquet Fall Style

We can feel the cooler nights and earlier sunsets, knowing that Fall is just around the corner. This weekend, we explored a new area very close to Montreal (only an hour away) where you can pick your own flowers in a dreamy flower field filled with Dahlias and enjoy some local fresh beers in a super charming brewery, a must do’s to your bucket list this fall, seriously!

In this guide I’ll show you how fun it is to explore our province and travel locally, including two places you need to visit ASAP (both kids and dog friendly, yay)

Brasserie Near Montreal
Barabe Microbrasserie
Microbrasserie close to montreal

Explore and sip at Barabas Brewery

Barabas is a brewery that opened in Sainte-Barbe, a very small town one hour away from Montreal. All the beers served in the menu are produced and brewed there, with a spacious and stuuunning indoor-outdoor space. 

If you love beers as much as we do, you will looove the Pilsner they serve, available both in tap and bottled.

Barabas is open Thursday to Sunday, and you can check more details here.

Dhalia Flower Field
Flower field moment
Au Beau Pre Flower Field

Visit a Flower Field and pick your own bouquet

Blooming flowers everywhere you look with over 300 different Dahlia varieties, Au Beau Pre is a locally owned flower field close to the city with the most beautiful concept: visit the field and pick any stem you love, helping promote the culture of ecological and local flowers in our province. 

During the month of September, Au Beau Pre opens its doors during the weekends to welcome visitors pick flowers, do picnics (they have a gorgeous setup and tables), and enjoy special brands (cocktails, yes!) & restaurants they host in rotation. 

No entry fee, and flower stems are $1 each. If you want to read more about their values, location and much more, head here

Can you spy a happy kitty with these beautiful blooms at home? 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, filled with tons of love!



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