New Shop Collection Preview: Stay Magical!

Pink Washi Tapes Hey Maca Shop

It’s absolutely magical the first time I see the HeyMaca shop products arriving to the studio. After many months planning, researching, setting up time, putting together ideas, the new shop collection is here and it will be launching next month, yaaaaay! and in today’s post I’ll show you a quick preview of what you’ll see soon.

This time around, the new shop collection, Stay Magical, is an ode to keeping things positive & real after COVID times, about our mental health, on how to organize our days smoothly, and of course in the cutest way, as we love to do so. 

Scrollll down and check out all the surprises!

Washi Tape and Sticky Notes Designs

What you can expect from this collection, Stay Magical

A new set of washi tapes:  They will help you plan your weeks, in the cutest way, with the days of the week, DO IT reminders, pastel rainbow colours, and much more. 

Sticky notes notepad: with 4 different sticky notes that you can use to add reminders, to save ideas in your books, or to remember epic dates. 

Doodle notepad: did you know one doodle a day, keeps the doctor away? Our new doodle notepad is perfectly pink and ready to help you relief that anxiety we’ve been carrying, because mental health first, right?

Plan your meals notepad: YES! I’ve been planning my weekly meals and cute lunchboxes, so I neeeeeded a rainbow pink notepad in the collection, obviously.

Two new pocket notebooks: in white pages for you to plan your own weeks (using our washi tapes) and in the most adorable designs. 

Best week ever weekly planner: In case you need some real organization empowerment (I know you do) you’ll love the new weekly planner where you can set up your daily goals, track your mood, add important notes and urgent tasks. 

A bunch of fashion/home accessories: I’m SO happy about this side as well, we are bringing many earrings, rings, socks, glasses for iced coffee or to keep your pencils, and maaaaany more surprises


Sticky Notes Designs
Sticky Notes Notepad

Seriously, how cute are the new sticky notes?

 I love the different sizes and how useful they are.

Washi Tapes in Pink and Cute Letters - HeyMaca Shop

Stay tuned to Instagram stories, where the new shop collection launch date (end of October) will be announced!

Love you all SO much!



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