The April Edit

girl wearing maxi colourful dress in an office space

What a month. 

Between the unforgettable total solar eclipse that we experienced, realizing the first quarter of THIS year is actually gone and entering Spring after living the most awkward  and warm winter, April is a month I will never ever forget. 

I’m not sure if I was the only one who cried and felt all the feelings during the eclipse, but in all seriousness: 

Did you feel the urge of re-setting your life as well? 

of starting all over again from scratch?

 forgiving yourself from all the ugly things you’ve done? 

I did. I hit pause – restart. 

solar eclipse shot


Brunch was a serious business this month, and I tried a few WONDERFUL spots with my little twin, following our Sunday tradition (have you checked our adventures on Instagram?) . We tried the new Babacool in Laval – if you love the old montreal one, you will adore this new one! They serve a yummy brunch menu Saturday and Sunday between 10 am until 3 pm so you can expect fresh pita bread, dark roast coffee and an interior you’ll gasp as soon as you step in.


Spring shopping gotta be my forever favourite thing to do and it’s when I usually fill my closet (welcoming back all the patterns, bold colours and fun florals to my wardrobe!). My Sezane besties surprised us with a bold, fun and usual Sunday drop last week showing their Spring arrivals just never disappoint. Scroll down for a full selection of my wishlist – my winning lotto ticket, are you here yet?

on a personal note

In April, I celebrated my daddy is finally NED (no evidence of disease) stopping his immunotherapy treatment, going back to his normal regular life, something I dreamed to hear since he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma back in January 2023. Even though my brain keeps playing tricks with me, thinking the worst is about to happen any minute, I’m soaking in all the moments of peace, of love, and collecting all the precious memories in my heart, for as long as I can.


chemo treatment with a dad and a daughter

Can’t wait to see you in the next edit, xo

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