My 10 Day Vitamin C Overload Challenge

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (omg, if you don’t yet, RUN!) I’m sure you noticed my recent beauty challenge with Vichy Canada, a 10-day LiftActiv Vitamin C, a powerful brightening skin corrector, anti-fatigue and anti-oxidant I was needing for a long time. I get a lot of questions about my beauty routine, so here’s a snapshot of what I did these 10 days that will help you to take care of yourself like you totally deserve it.

The Challenge

A morning glow doesn’t come for free and in my case, life has been quite hectic lately, missing lots of full night sleeps, barely eating because either I forget to do it, or I don’t have any time to cook, so when Vichy challenged me to do this for 10 days, I knew I needed to try the new LiftActiv routine and help this skin of mine a bit. 

Still wondering all the details of what I did for 10 days? Voila!:

Good morning sunshine, good morning world!
Here’s my exact beauty routine with Vichy:

After a good supper,  playing with both Oli and Nico and ready to go to bed, it follows:

Ps. You can find all these products at your local pharmacy or online. 


Besides doing a skin detox, one thing I learned was to take care of what you are eating during these ten days, it is essential to have a healthy life and minimize the delish cheat meals, even though I know sometimes it’s a bit hard. I changed: 

  • Added tons of greens to two of my main meals, including Kale and Spinach
  • Snack, snack, snack every day! My fave: carrots (rich in pro-vitamin A and beta-carotene), yogurt with honey and granola, nuts with clementines rich in Zinc and Vitamin C.
  • One avocado a day. Never missed one during these ten days, they are the holy grail of Omega oils and help cell repair, meaning heaven. 
  • Mushrooms were also my besties, full in Selenium. 
  • Orange juice every morning, freshly squeezed everybody, of course.

Just always remember, your skin is a pure reflection of what we eat. Cheers to a bright and glowing skin!

HOW I FELT AFTER 10 DAYSAfter finishing my full challenge, I felt my skin was 100% smoother and bright. I don’t use any foundation on a regular basis nor heavy makeup, so I think it was a perfect thing to show my glowing face throughout the day, like a boss. This challenge can be done 4 times a year, or whenever you feel you need to boost a bit because we all know this mama life is not easy.This is your mommy time, so enjoy every second of it! 

Sponsored content: This post was sponsored by Vichy Canada and created in partnership. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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  1. Kristeena Saint-Lô
    October 18, 2017 / 2:03 am

    I seriously need to try these products ASAP. Products and a healthy lifestyle to get my skin glowing, I’m already signed up! ��