Hey Maca Designs: Petal Pendant Lights

Petal lampshade in pink

Isn’t it pretty to see an actual lamp designed to look like multiple petals joined together? And if you add to that different colour palettes, textures, shapes, they can be the central decor point in any room, bringing a bit of joie de vivre to our spaces. 

These stunning petal lamps have been bookmarked and in my wish list for so so long, because one, they are so unique, and two, these lamps were inspired by models made during the 70s, often made in plain beige fabric, evolving to a fun trend I just can’t get enough of. 

Today, I’m introducing a new blog series called #HeyMacaDesigns, where I’ll bring you inspiring products, interior design styles and accents you can replicate at home, and get yourself a bit of well-deserved joy we all need. 

Let me show you 8 of my favourite petal pendant light fixtures, ok?

Petal Lamps: A new trend that is here to stay

Seriously, you won’t need much else in any room, they are both functional and decorative, I LOVE!

Petal Lampshade Options

05 – Copper petal ceiling lamp

06 – Nordic hand-woven petal lamp 

07 – Colourful petal pendant lights 

08 – Hammered lotus metal lamp



Which one is your number one? I honestly can’t pick just one! See you in the next HeyMacaDesigns!

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