Let’s Celebrate Earth Day With This Smart DIY Upcycled Plant Hanger

I feel every single day is earth day in this corner, as I cherish upcycling old items and turn them into new beautiful things giving them a second chance as much as I can.

 But in all seriousness, Am I the only one who always checks how can I give empty products, old stuff, thrifted finds some kind of repurposing? What about turning  some old empty bottles to a beautiful hanging planter? 

Let me show this easy tutorial how you can score this gorgeous pink polka dot planter, and celebrate Earth every day.

Upcycled Hanging Planter from Old Plastic Bottles
Let's upcycle old plastic bottles to beautiful planters

Materials required:

  • Any old empty bottle sitting at home
  • Exacto knife
  • Hole puncher
  • Spray paint
  • Suede twine 
  • Scissors

Step one: Prep the bottle

Rinse out the empty bottle and remove any packaging – I used an old Lysol bottle and removed the plastic packaging with the exacto knife and then cleaned the inside of the bottle with soap and water.

Step two: Cut the shape

Using the exacto knife cut the top of the bottle off slowly and sharply to obtain a very straight line in the front. I did a diagonal cut but you can do it straight if that’s your preferred style.

Step three: let’s paint!

As a fan of paint, I needed to add a cute detail with spray paint and what’s cuter than polka dots? You can add this artsy style just by making small strokes with the paint and leaving a bit more of white space between the dots. The paint will dry in just 10 minutes, super fast and fun.

Step four: Open the holes & get ready to hang

Punch a hole on each side with a hole puncher and string the twine. I added two knots to secure the ends and that’s it! I planted a small plant and I was so excited to hang it in my favourite studio corner to see her happy and growing every day, yay!

Isn’t this the best way to upcycle any old, empty bottle? 

You can get creative and paint different designs, cut the bottles in differnet shapes and even fill a gallery wall with these beautiful and simple hanging planters.

Can’t wait to see if you try this project at home next! 

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