How To Arrange Flowers at Home, Like a Pro!

How to Style flowers like a pro

Happy Earth Day!

Flowers are my personal therapy. Can you believe you’ll learn how to arrange flowers at home, like a pro?

I don’t know about you but, flowers can instantly brighten up my day (even during a pandemic/apocalyspe/covid drama) or during my worst anxious days. They have a je ne sais quoi I’m glued to it, at a point, I have a dedicated monthly budget just for flowers, voila!

I usually visit my local farmers market and get a bunch of different flowers and play with them,  arranging them to look like a pro. One of my dreams since I was 15 is to work with flowers, own a flower shop, and like today, get them every week and just be happy. 

So now, let’s talk about all the steps to create a gorgeous wild arrangement, yes, you! all by yourself.

Style flowers like a florist

Prep and tools you’ll need

– Vase and water 

– floral tape – to create a grid like pattern on the opening of the vase to help you organize them better

– floral shears

My favourite flowers that you should be getting next time

– Ranunculus

– Tulips 

– Scabiosa

– Wax Flower

– Eucalyptus

– Iceland Poppy

– Hydrangeas

– Snapdragon

– Thistle

– Peonies


How to arrange flowers at home easy DIY
How to arrange flowers from the supermarket as a florist

How to start


  1. When you’re choosing flowers for your arrangement, you’ll need to pick: greens for the base/fillers, focal flowers, secondary flowers.
  2. Fill the vase with water, remove the leaves, and cut the stem at an angle (always!). I love adding branches in different lengths, creating a perfect structure!
  3.  As you saw in the video, I started with the greens, at different angles and created a support for the rest of the blooms.
  4. Then, continue adding the focal flowers (some of them together, as I did with my ranunculus), then your secondary and fillers covering all the holes you’re missing.
  5. Arrange them in different levels (avoiding a rounded look) 

Style a bouquet like a floral designer

The beauty of flower arranging? You can play with your heights, combinations, style and always have a fabulous and happy result. Hope this guide will help you play with your bouquets at home next time!


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