Let’s Welcome Spring With a Sweet Floral Wall!

Spring Floral Wall Decor Idea

Today marks the start of Spring, my favourite season of all! 

I’m sure all my colour lovers agree with me on this one: being surrounded by so much beauty, so many flowers and blooms, is the best life therapy we all need. 

After our one year lockdown-versary, I’ve been decorating many corners at home and at the studio, switching things around has helped seeing our spaces in a different way, where we spend so much time lately. It’s simply crazy to think that our homes became schools, daycares, offices, art studios, and much more this year, so a little change is always welcome.

Here’s a happy floral wall to welcome Spring!

Floral Wall Decor Idea

Designing a floral wall backdrop is SO simple! I ran to my local farmers market and got a mix of green flowers (I wanted to achieve a cute botanical style for Spring) and all you need is clear tape, scissors and washi tape. I used our gold washi tape from the shop that I ADORE as our finish touch.

floral wall decor

I measured all my flowers and cut them 15 cmts long, then, I started adding one by one using my clear tape to the wall from the center until I finished covering the entire wall. 

You can add a decorative washi tape on top of the clear tape, as I did above. 

I used a mix of Dianthus green balls, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Lady’s Mantles, Mini roses and Zinnias flowers.

floral wall decor to welcome spring

Isn’t she a beauty?

 Are you officially excited about Spring now?

how to make a floral wall backdrop
baby pink roses

Happy first day of Spring!

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