Our New Pink Terrazzo Bedroom Update!

Pink Terrazzo Bedroom Decor

My love for all things terrazzo is pretty clear at this point, right? and of course, that includes our new pink terrazzo bedroom update I’m so happy to share here today.  

Remember our pantry makeover? terrazzo! and our pastel bench DIY? Bingo! terrazzo, obviously.

I wanted to keep our minimal, modern design flowing, including a fun, simple pattern, that would create an accent wall that pops, without being “too much”,  something colourful and minimal at the same time (so my husband could be happy).

I’ve always wanted to try a wallpaper at home, but somehow, I can’t commit to it, what about you? 

 I think I’m that kind of designer that will get SO bored of it easily, or that thinks that the best way to decorate a space is with accessories and cool furniture. 

but hold that thought just one second: the best of both worlds? Removable wall decals, for the absolute win!

Without further ado, let’s jump into our bedroom update, shall we?

Terrazzo Wall Decals: How to Install them

These granito pink are made in vinyl, easy to remove (if you get bored of them) and they have a glorious matte finish I adored SO much. I found these ones in Montreal and loved supporting a local business in the middle of the pandemic. 

DIY Terrazzo Wall


– We had all our walls painted in white (sort like an almond-white finish) with art prints and our DIY colorful ombre dresser I did a few years back, remember? 

– I wanted to find a pattern that had some of the colours I used in my dresser and luckily I did (insert self-high-five, Maca)

– We kept the same configuration as before, just added the wall decals, removed our art prints and added our new wall hanging DIY

Wall Decals Tutorial


– We decided how large I wanted the scale of the terrazzo pattern to be, especially that I only did one half wall. I kept them separated with at least 1.5 cm in between and loved the look (also, didn’t use all the decal sheets I got).

– I ordered a new bamboo bed headboard (hallelujah) that (because of obvious covid-reasons) haven’t received just yet to complete our makeover.

– Added a soft, white wall hanging creating a soft, cozy overall ambiance. 

Easy Pink Terrazzo Wall Decor
Productivity during COVID

and all the flowers, without any doubt. 

Pink Terrazzo Bedroom Makeover

my little helper! 

Bedroom Reveal Details
Terrazzo half wall decor

master bedroom sources

– Dresser 3 drawer (with an Ombre DIY)

– Our new bamboo headboard 

– Pink baby rug from Babasouk

– Mini pink pouf from Babasouk

– Bamboo mirror 

– Velvet pillows 

– White vase 

– Pink linen sheets

Bedroom makeover: Terrazzo wallpaper and DIY wall hanging

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