Mother’s Day Gift Idea: These Matisse Cocktail Glasses DIY!

Mother's Day Gift: Matisse Cocktail Glasses

wow, time is flying and mama’s day is around the corner, can you believe it?  To celebrate it, I created the sweetest and easiest project, a Mother’s Day gift idea: these Matisse cocktail glasses DIY!

Don’t you love when you can create easy projects that look SO pro, that all your friends will ask you: but wait wait, for reaaaal, you did this? 

This is one of them! 

I had these glasses stored in the studio kitchen for over a year and they were just perfect for this DIY.  After finishing it, my mind went bananas! I can use these Matisse inspired shapes in any material, actually: pillows, bandanas, shoes, and more (that I’m planning to do soon, pinky promise). 

But, let’s finish this project first, and you’ll just need two things: permanent smart vinyl and a cutting machine, Hallelujah! 

Matisse Inspired DIY glasses
Step by Step DIY matisse cocktail glasses


– A cutting machine like this one here

– Permanent smart vinyl, I used this one (they have MANY incredible colours)

– Cocktail glasses 

– JPGs of your patterns you’ll cut (if you use a cutting machine) or scissors to cut the vinyl manually.

Matisse cocktail glasses DIY

how to

– Begin by uploading your pattern to your cricut design space (if you own a machine). If you don’t have one yet, draw your patterns in a piece of construction paper and cut them. 

– I picked two different shape sizes and balanced them by mixing them in the edges, to give them the perfect Matisse look, right?

– Start transferring the vinyl pieces to your clean cocktail glasses. I useda spatula and a scraper making sure the designs (that are very delicate and tiny) were applied perfectly with ease (removing any bubble excess and sticking them properly).

– Repeat this mixing the different shapes until you fill your glasses.


Colourful Mother's Day DIY ideas
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See how easy and how PRO they look? 

Mother's day gift ideas: DIY Matisse cocktail glasses

Are you crafting for your mom this year? can’t wait to hear back from you! 

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