Mini DIY Conversation Piñatas for Valentine’s Day!

It’s no secret that we all love mini pinatas, and for the first time, I decided to make them this year for Valentine’s Day!

On February, we celebrate love, and everything that it means sharing achievements, ups, downs, and cheering us up in this crazy adventure called life. So, evidently, girly pinatas are THE way to spark up you during the love month, gifting a heart or a star, telling your bestie she’s one of a kind.

Making them is super simple, just gather your besties and let’s, let’s gals!


– Very thin cardboard

– Scissors or exacto knife

– Paper: you can use crepe, felt or tissue (we used felt for these ones)

– Hot glue gun

– Letters (if you want to include a personalized message as we did)

How To

    1. We decided to do hearts and stars, so the first step is to draw and cut with scissors the shapes using thin cardboard. You’ll need one for the front side and one for the back of each pinata. 
    2. For each shape, you need to cut long strips and tape them together with hot glue from top to the bottom. This will be the structure of the pinata.
    3. The fun part starts now: decorate! Cut long strips of the felt paper, fold and cut to create the fringe. 
    4. Start adding glue to your cardboard shape and cover them with felt paper starting at the bottom.
    5. Wrap the pinata with your pre-cut fringe until it is all covered. 

You can fill them with treasures and little gifts, confetti and surprises.

They are incredibly fun, easy and stress-free to do!
I can’t wait to experiment with new shapes and bigger sizes, oh my!

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