Current Mood: Investing in Cute Dresses (All Year Long!)

Gingham Best Dresses 2022 List

Dresses are life. Even if it is the darkest day, the rainiest, te gloomiest, there’s absolutely nothing a cute dress can’t fix, am I right? I’ve been loving my dress obsession lately (maybe an end of an era for my midi skirts), and in today’s post I wanted to share the brands I’ve discovered and I’ve been wearing lately. 

Discover with me timeless pieces, sustainable options and fun colourful options to bring tons of happiness to your closet. 

Fun Dresses to Wear all year long

Here are the top brands and timeless dresses I’ve been loving lately, and investing in pieces I’ll be wearing for a long time (quality over quantity) living a more sustainable lifestyle:

  • Ganni – one of my fave ones lately (when things are on sale, because $$), Ganni is a Copenhagen based brand with many romantic and colourful dresses. My obsession? their collars!
  • En Saison – An adorable brand with everyday options and fun dresses I recently discovered, I’m sure you’ll adore them as well.
  • Innika Choo – I’ve been the biggest fan of Innika for the longest time, the quality, the fabric selections, the handmade details are just breathless and worth it. 
  •  COS – Seriously, can you even resist to their epic dresses? I just cannot.
  • Poshmark – One of the best platforms to find vintage items, pre-owned pieces and where I sell my wardrobe as well (many dresses, yes!). 
I wrote a full recap of ALL the must-brands I have in my colourful closet if you don’t know how to start incorporating colour and fun patterns. 
Fun dresses brands you need in 2022

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