The Must-Have Brands You Need for a Colourful Wardrobe (and I Can’t Live Without!)

Colourful outfit ideas

You asked for more fashion ideas, my favourite brands, and how to add colour to your wardrobe, so I’m here for it! 

In this post, I’ll show you the brands that are a MUST in my closet, and where do I find most of the pieces you see me wearing every week. One goal I had when we finished 2020, was to be mindful about what I’m buying, especially the fabrics I didn’t know pollute SO much. I reduced my fast fashion consumption to the minimum (I’m so proud of this) and every time I get a new piece, I do a little research how it was produced and if the fabrics are sustainable or not. 

It could be hard on the budget, but in the long run, I know it’s what the planet needs. 

Let’s jump into my fave brands, oui? 

colourful closet essentials brand guide

Essentials brands I have in my colourful closet

Sister Jane: A brand from the UK that I have loved for a few years now, and where I get many dresses.

Millie & Lou: My latest Canadian, local and ADORABLE brand that I’ve been loving with all my heart.

Eliza Faulkner: Her work is absolutely beautiful and proudly made in Quebec!

Maggie Jayne: The queen of perfect jumpsuits! Proud owner of two, and I couldn’t love them more.

Maison Corazon: Made in Canada with lots of love by my talented friend, Mercedes.

& Other StoriesArket: Owned by H&M group, with a more conscious, sustainable lines that are SO SO good. Sad part for Canadians? The customs are very intense, so I usually buy them when I travel. Remember travel? 

ASOS: Before I got my duties multiple times in a row, I used to shop A LOT on ASOS. Waiting for a site with an optimized experience for Canadians to go back (please!).

Colourful Jumpsuit Style


Clare Vivier: If you know me, you know how OBSSESSED I am with Clare V. Her branding, her colour palettes and the quality of her products are just beyond. Ps. Her sweatshirts are LIFE.

Anthropologie: Who else LOVES anthro so so much? They carry MANY colourful designers that I have collected over the years, and it’ll be forever my favourite, ever.

Ganni: These-dresses-are-just-insane. trust me.

Marimekko: If you’re a designer, you have to own a Marimekko piece. Totally mandatory.

COS: They carry THE best selection of basic dresses in many colours, including neons! The quality is so worth every penny and they will be in my top 5 brands, forever! 

Special collections @ H&M: I’ve been such a BIG fan of H&M special collaborations and H&M studio, at a point that I set up alarms before they launch!

UNIQLO: My go-to for comfy basics, especially the 100 white t-shirts I own, all are from Uniqlo, of course.

Vintage finds at Etsy and Poshmark: If you’re into second hand just like me, you’ll find incredible options at Etsy (yes!) and Poshmark. I follow different brands and stores, so I’m sure I get the notifications on my phone as soon as these unique pieces are posted. 

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