Sustainability Update: Things I No Longer Buy at Home

Sustainability Update at home

Over the last year, I committed to lessening my footprint on this cute planet, learning about eco-friendly, zero waste initiatives SO much. I know that this topic could be a full debate for many friends and honestly, trying to understand how far can you go with sustainability is like, another world. In a very personal case, I’m doing long-term goals that I can sustain in my lifestyle (and my little one’s), not feeling pressured or worried about it. 

The most important thing about this, is to know we are helping our future generations, showing our kids how much we care about our planet, and them. 

In this post, I’ll show you what we stopped buying and what are we doing to replace it. I still have to set up new goals and go further in the year, but let’s just start by showing you what I’ve done so far, ok?

Zero waste containers

– Plastic water bottles 

Unless I’m in the middle of nowhere, with no water in my reusable bottle, as a last last resource, I’ll buy a plastic water bottle. I’m so incredibly proud to say that I think I bought 4 to 5 water bottles last year, yes! in 12 months.

– Kitchen sponges

Remember the the yellow sponges with the green scourer attachment? I stopped buying them as soon as I discover different compostable options that I LOVE! You can buy them at Buk & Nola, like this one and this one.

– Plastic bags

I can’t remember the last time I got a plastic bag while grocery shopping. I’ve been LOVING carrying fun, colourful and cheerful reusable bags everywhere I go. My favourite brand? Baggu, no doubt – they are resistant, durable and with amazing designs!

– Ziploc Bags

Since I discovered reusable bags (like our collection with Demain Demain) and these compostable bags, I never looked bag to buying plastic ziploc bags. We even switched all our shop shipping supplies to compostable ones (stickers and bags).

Best zero waste products to use at home

– Plastic kitchen containers 

I said bye to buying plastic containers and we kept only glass ones. I feel my food last longer and keeps it fresh compared to plastic. Love the ones with bamboo lids, they look super stylish everywhere I put them. (Tip: IKEA has the best ones!).

– Straws

I carry a little bag with me with a metal straw that I use every time I pick something up to go. (I’m including a few of my favourites below).

– Take-out food from certain places & lunch containers

This was a hard one for me, but if a restaurant doesn’t offer compostable packaging, I prefer skipping them. I now have a list of all my favourite restaurants that I know offer zero waste containers and that I support on a monthly basis. For all our to-go and Nico’s lunches, I’ve been using this epic metal bento box, that has been the best investment I’ve done three years ago.

– Plastic cups, plates and cutlery 

When entertaining (remember, having friends over before the pandemic?) I stopped buying plastic cups, plates and cutlery and replaced them all for compostable options (It’s crazy that we now have more compost than recycling and regular waste at home and the studio).

– Buying our produce differently

Since we moved to the Sud-Ouest in Montreal (a few years ago), we are lucky to have our farmer’s market steps away from home, and we got the habit to buy all our produce there, from local farmers that now are like family. We buy all our fruits,  veggies, cheese and meat here and we LOVE it. 

I’m excited to keep learning about this subject more. especially about different industries (like fashion, let’s say!) and give you an update later in the year (hopefully!).

What are your goals for this 2021? 

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