Introducing Our New YouTube Channel: More Pastel Days!

More Pastel Days Branding

If you’ve seen any of our stories lately, you may have noticed we’ve been shooting video the past days at the studio (and pretty much everywhere we go). 

It all began one day, when Lucile and I were brainstorming our upcoming shop collection, and we both were like: wait a minute. this could be so  much fun to document in video! wait what? you mean, youtube kinda video? 

Why not? 

So here we are, new video era: we’re introducing our new youtube channel: More Pastel Days!

How to Start a Youtube Channel

Why More Pastel days?

Because in all honesty: who doesn’t want more pastel days? When we were thinking how to name our channel with something that could describe our love and passion for something, we both thought of: COLOUR!  DUH!  and obviously, More Pastel Days was born in that exact moment. 

So, who’s behind the channel?

Lucile (my adorbs, cute, and ultra-talented shop partner) and this mama (the caesar lover, shoe-addict, arepa lover) that is writing this post. We are so excited to bring to life both our worlds: an illustrator and a content creator/blogger!

What about the content? 

The topics you see we cover on the blog and Instagram, it’s what we’re planning to do in video form: DIY projects, lots of tiny food recipes, travel guides, fashion and vlogs (including behind the scenes of our work, our studio days)

We’ll colour block our themes,  OBVIOUSLY and you’ll understand what this means SOON.

When and where can i watch everything?

We’re planning to post new videos on Fridays (maybe not every week to start with) but once we get the hang of it, I hope it’s weekly!


(is that what we’re suppose to say as youtubers now?

New youtube channel strategies

SO freaking excited about this new 2020 project we really wanted to see H A P P E N I N G!

See you on youtube soon, RIGHT?! wot wot (can’t believe I actually wrote this, lol).

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