Stylish DIY Idea of the Week: This Modern Terracotta Candle

Terracotta Modern Candle DIY idea

Have you seen these suuuuper stylish vase candles all over the internet as well?

 I’ve been literally wanting one since like, 1998, but most retail stores have been in lockdown in Quebec (until recently) so I planned my way, and I knew I had to DIY one at the studio, STAT.

The result? OH my heart! the easiest project with so little money, and just a few materials! I love the stylish, modern design and final look of this candle, and the best part? I added my favourite oil blend from Babasouk, a beautiful mix of palo santo and rose. 

Let’s jump into it and let’s DIY together, high-five!

Modern terracotta candle DIY tutorial


– 2 bowls (I bought these two at Dollarama, for $1 each)

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks 

– Natural soy wax (I got mine that I love here)

– Terracotta spray paint (this is the exact one I used)

– Oil blend (I used this one, my favourite from Babasouk)

– 6 inch natural candle wicks (like these ones)

– An old dowel or wood stick

Terracotta spray paint project

Step one: Let’s paint the bowls 

First step, let’s have fun using our terracotta spray paint (win!). Grab an old box and spray paint both bowls evenly (inside and out) – I wore a mask and gloves, just to be safe. I gave both bowls two coats of paint and let them air dry for about one hour. 

Step two: Melt the soy wax

If you have a microwave at home, the easiest way to melt natural soy wax is by pouring the wax petals in a glass recipient and heat them in the microwave in high for 5 minutes. Be careful, it’ll be extra hot when it’s completely melted.

terracotta candle tutorial step by step

Step three: let’s glue both bowls

Now that the spray paint is fully dry, grab your hot glue gun, turn both bowls upside down and add a thick layer of glue directly into the bowl base and glue both of them together, applying a bit of pressure. Let it set for 5 minutes.

Step four: Pour the melted soy wax

Grab your oil blend and add about 10-12 drops into the melted soy wax and stir. Using an old dowel or wood stick, attach the candle wick, center it in the middle of the bowl and pour the melted wax up to the top. Let the soy wax dry for 2 hours.

Adding essential oils to candle making DIY
terracotta candle DIY tutorial
terracotta candle DIY in few simple steps

Say hello to your brand new, stunning terracotta candle! So much fun, right? 

Tip: Wait at least 7 full days to light up your candle, if you do it before that, the wick will burn twice as fast, did you know that?

terracotta candle easy DIY

Hope you love this DIY project and can’t wait to see yours at home using the hashtag #heymacaDIY

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