How to Make Stylish Terrazzo Coasters in a Few Steps

Stylish Terrazzo Coasters DIY

Upgrading simple things at home has been one of my favourite things to do lately, and nothing makes me happier than using recycled materials to bring to life something entirely new. 

If you’re following our DIY projects on HGTV Canada, you probably saw the sweetest idea we launched last week: how to create your own vertical garden this Spring! 

From this project, I had some extra wooden circles from the shelves I built and we up-cycled them to create these beautiful pink terrazzo coasters in a few simple steps. 

You’ll need just a few materials at home to make your own coasters, let’s roll!

Terrazzo wooden coasters DIY project
Wooden coasters terrazo DIY project

Materials required:

– 4 inch wood circles 

– Terrazzo wrapping paper (I found this beautiful set on Amazon

– Scissors

– Pencil

– Paint brush

– Exacto knife

– Mod podge matte

DIY terrazzo wooden coasters

Step one

Grab your wrapping paper and using your wooden circles and a pencil, trace the base of the circle on your terrazzo paper. 

Terrazzo wrapping paper coasters DIY idea

Step two

Using your scissors, cut the wrapping paper circles carefully. You can cut one for each side or just the top of the coaster. 

Wrapping paper coasters DIY tutorail

Step Three

Let’s now glue the wrapping paper to our wooden circles using mod podge. Add a decent amount directly to the base and brush it evenly. Add the terrazzo paper and let it dry for a few minutes.

Terrazzo wooden coasters

Step four

Now, we can add a top coat of mod podge to seal the top base of our coasters. Let it dry for a few minutes and using your fingers, remove carefully any air bubbles. 

Terrazzo wooden coasters
Terrazzo wooden coasters tutorial
terrazzo wooden coasters DIY idea

Aren’t they super lovely? 

There you have it! You did the easiest (and ultra stylish) terrazzo coasters all by yourself, high-five!

Wooden Terrazzo Coasters DIY

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