5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day Today!

What to do on earth day today and how to celebrate it

Happy Earth Day! 

Today, we’ll talk how we can help & celebrate mother nature because climate change is here and it’s real (did I mention we jumped from 15 degrees C to snow in just one day? Yes, we did). 

I’m proud to live in Canada where actions started a few years ago, where reduce emissions, waste, clean tech and protect our national parks is the norm, and something I’ve been teaching Nico and Oli every single day. 

Today, let’s celebrate our planet with these cute 5 ideas, shall we?

Earth Day Celebration: 5 Things You Can Do!

plant a tree, herbs or flowers

This is a very straight-forward one for today, and hey! Spring is here, so we can all have a bit of fun picking our favourite tree, herb or flowers and plant them at home. Attitude (one of my favourite local brands) launched an incredible social campaign (check it out here), from April 19 to 25 they invite us to like their post and they will plant a tree! So run now and support this beautiful cause.

Support local, every day! 

Buying beautiful and meaningful products that are eco-conscious, that will help reduce single-use or are produced carefully is the best way to celebrate earth day today. Did you know that our HeyMaca shop products are made with eco-friendly paper and all our shipping products are 100% compostable, yay!

Earth Day Celebration

Give up those plastic bottles 

This was one of my goals last year and proudly reduced to 98% my plastic bottle consumption (the only way I buy one is an emergency situation where I have no choice but to get it, aka Oli screaming she desperately wants water in a random situation), and today it’s time for you to give up all those plastic bottles! Treat yourself with some adorable water bottles instead today, deal?

Compost, compost, compost 

I feel so proud to compost every where I go. At home, at the studio, while I eat out and even picking out places where I know they use compostable takeout packaging (for real). It’s such a beautiful way to celebrate mother nature by giving back composting. 

DIY a cute garden at home 

In my latest DIY project for HGTV I’m celebrating earth day the best way possible: you’ll learn how to create your own vertical garden at home, making a cute vertical garden to grow your herbs, flowers and greenery at home (even if you don’t have a big outdoor space!). Let’s do it!

floral wall decor

Thank every minute you have in this planet, every sunset you see, pick trash if you see it in the floor, be mindful the way you shop,  visit your favourite national park, nurture the plants you have at home, go paperless and recycle as much as you can, every single day.

Happy day, sweet earth, we love you.

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