Our New Studio Hall: How To Make The Easiest DIY Door Decor!

Entryway DIY ideas: A door to remember

When it comes to doors and making a big “wow” moment when you arrive at a place, easy DIY projects like this one are one of the things I love to make the most (all the time if I can!), remember our polka dot door at the old studio?

After moving in (if you missed the story of our new studio, you can’t miss this blog post), we knew we needed our very own pink corner, and what’s better than having it in the entrance, right? After we finished painting, we started brainstorming what would be the easiest DIY door decor for our new double door. 

Today, I’ll show you an easy tutorial how we did it and how you can do it at home as well! 

Are you ready?

Cricut Made: DIY your door entrance
Cricut DIY Ideas

How to make the easiest DIY door decor – steps

  • Select a room/space: First things first, is to select what you’d like to decorate: it could be something very small up to a big door like we did. Measure the area (width and height) to calculate the material you’ll need. 
  • Get all the right equipment: If you love DIY (like me, high-five), having a Cricut machine right by your side will be your best tool (for real, aka BFF) and absolutely worth the investment. 
  • Pick your colour palette: for this project, I mixed two tones: white and tulip pink smart vinyl, from Cricut (if you’re using the machine).
  • Pattern: I created these patterns and used my Cricut design space to upload and cut them on my Cricut Joy machine.  Use the scraper tool to help them stick to the surface, you’ll see it’s super easy!. Want to see a machine demo in action? Head to my Instagram stories for a full preview today!
Cricut Joy DIY Projects

I can’t get over our kitchen and hall view, I can’t!

Cricut Joy DIY home decor
Cricut design ideas

Have you ever worked with Vinyl before? 

We’ve been big fans of vinyl projects and have used them so many times! This easy DIY door decor is in my top 3 so far, for sure, so cute!

Cricut Easy DIY projects
Cricut Entryway Project

Welcome to our new studio!

 Are you planning any upcoming DIY projects at home? Can’t wait to know all about it!

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