The Official Story Behind The New Studio!

How to decorate a new office: Pastel colours!

This is the official story behind the new studio, including all your reactions: *wait, what? where’s the studio?* *did you move?* *is the studio alive?* and all the hypothesis that I received from you the past days, that made me smile so much. 

YES! the studio is still open (despite the pandemic & the craziness we’ve lived) and YES! we moved to a brand new, bigger, brighter and cuter space (with a storage space and a much needed bathroom!) insert tears here. 

So, wait a second, how did all this happen? 

How to decorate a New Office: How to start
How to install peel and stick tiles

Do you believe in..

A week before the lockdown really started, I had visited, talked many times to our building manager, measured, planned my imaginary decor and I was ready to sign a new transfer lease. This new unit, conveniently located in the same building was much bigger and had everything we wanted. But then, BOOM, the lockdown happened in Montreal. 

I grieved and thought I had lost the space, and for the first time I was seriously thinking to sell, and move as much as I could back home, because I couldn’t even work, visit or rent the studio anyways. Do you believe some things are meant to be, somehow? Because I do. I truly do and this story is a living proof of it. 

My friends Jojo and Caro *aka jumelles de la mode* had the most brilliant idea when all this was happening: So, Maca, why don’t we use the studio, and sell our clothes in an online garage sale, as part of their famous (and brilliant) Awesome Vente? (now online, because no one can organize or host events).

Guess what? WE DID IT, in 3 days: find, sort, price, take photos, classify, design a website, sync Canada Post, pack and deliver. We DID IT.

How to install peel and stick marble contact paper

So yeeeeees! Our garage sale Awesome Vente launched, and we saw MANY orders coming in, while we were planning at the same time on how to start, organize and grow this new business together, which we all LOVE. 

The best part of this story is how inspiring it was for the three of us to find a new unexpected and creative solution during this crazy crisis, that brought us here, a new studio and a new era. 

I will remember this forever, and will be forever thankful to Jojo and Caro. 

As you see now, it’s clear we needed more room to fit the sale in, and the amount of things I’ve been accumulating in the studio the past months – whyyyyyy Maca, whyyyyyy!. (Ask Jojo about the crazy amount of confetti we found moving out)

Hey Maca new studio

We switched lofts on June 1st and spent a solid week painting (hello pink walls) , fixing broken things, moving furniture (all by ourselves), learning how to install peel and stick tiles, organizing the space, cleaning a toilet that was pretty much in a solid death sentence, and much more.

15 days after, here we are, with SO many ideas and projects to do in this new space, including events, workshops, and rentals as soon as things go back to normal for all. 

Colourful Office Kitchen

The two updates we DIY’s as soon as we moved in: tiles and marble peel and stick countertop (wait until you see what we have planned for this area, soon).

New Office decor, how to start!
Colourful Office decor ideas

Can’t wait for all the memories we’ll create here. 

Love you all!

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