Easy DIY Pastel Coat Rack!

coat rack diy project

It’s been two years since we found our little home and guess what? We didn’t have our entryway ready until… yesterday. This project, a super easy DIY pastel coat rack was our number one priority to finish, since I really wanted to create a cozy, homie space to welcome you to our world.

 Our space was somehow tiny and narrow, with absolute zero options of finding something already made, we knew we had to plan a custom-made project we could fit (yayyyy, right?). The key? using clever styling tricks that can help you drop your essentials and have a functional & beautiful space (my hubby is all about functional rather than over-decorated spaces).

 If you’re looking for an easy (and not expensive) DIY project this week, this DIY pastel hook is all you need! 

this was the before, our sad, empty entryway. 

How to do a coat rack
How to do a coat rack

First Step

  • We measured the total area we had available in this space, and calculated the length and width of the shelf (centered)
  • We went with a 7” primed pine (it’s less than $10) raw, no paint at Home Depot (have fun here)
  • Next step: cut it in half and attach it together to form the shelf. 
  • After we had our shelf ready, we drilled wide holes and installed the hooks, (also in wood) 5-6″ apart with wood glue (Did you know my dad, is a professional carpenter and contractor? Imagine how proud we has I actually bought wood glue for the first time!)
How to do a quick coat rack
Entryway DIY Rack

Second step 

  • We added the first coat of paint and right after as soon as it dried,  sand all the rough edges. We picked two different coral tones, one for the hooks and a darker one for the board (remember the colours of our ombre dresser DIY? used the same ones!)
  • With a pencil, we marked our screw holes and drilled pilot holes (so you can be sure it resist heavy items in the hooks)
  • As soon as it’s fixed in the wall, measure you really nailed the dimensions correctly (phewwww!)
DIY Pink Entryway Rack

To cover all the imperfections and screws, we used a heavy wood filler, including corners around the hooks, and holes we drilled. 

Let the filler dry a couple of hours, sand all over again and add an extra layer of paint.

Voila! brand new shelf like nothing happened! 


We spent around $35-$40 to finish all this project (I re-used the paints we used already in an old project) and had all the tools to cut the wood and assemble it. 

DIY Pastel coat rack
How to do an easy coat rack

So tell me know, how happy is this new corner? 

pink cute entryway coat rack

Mi casa, es absolutamente, tu casa! 

Style an entryway under $50
DIY pastel coral coat rack

super easy DIY pastel coat rack 

Wood – Home Depot 

Paint – Para Paints

Mirror – Ikea Canada

Pink zero waste bag – Babasouk

Hats – Zara 

You are magic print – Babasouk

Pink Macrame – Babasouk

Gold frame – H&M home

Pink Moroccan Rug – Babasouk

Handmade Ceramic Mug – Babasouk

Outfit (dress & constellation shirt) – Zara


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