You Need to DIY These Trendy Trees Using Cane Webbing (The Cutest & Easiest To Make)

The easiest Cane Trees DIY

Cane webbing is a timeless and chic material I want to use everywhere at home and at the studio (no joke!). I’m sure you are seeing cane in many pieces at home: chairs, kitchen cabinets, headboards, accessories and much more. 

I’m still on everything Christmas mode over here and today’s DIY is just the cutest and easiest trees using cane webbing that will be your next favourite accessory at home.

You’ll only need your hot glue gun, scissors and cane, so fun and so easy!

Cone template DIY
Cane Christmas Trees
How to dry cane
Cane Trees DIY

Materials Required:

– Cane webbing sheet

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Cone template 

– Marker

– Scissors

– Mini heat gun

Cane Trees DIY Project

Step one: Make a cone template 

Start by printing a cone template that you will use to make the trees using cane webbing. 

STep two: soak the cane 

This is the secret to work with cane: soak it for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water before you cut the trees. Remove the water excess and to accelerate the process, dry with a heat gun.

Cane trees DIY
Cane tree DIY

Step three: Cut the cone 

As soon as the webbing is dry and malleable, trace the cone template and cut using your scissors. 

Step four: Glue and form the tree cones

Grab your cane cone and apply hot glue on the straight line and glue it to the opposite side carefully shaping your cone. Let it air dry for 5 minutes and voila! 

Cane Trees DIY Project

How cute are these festive trees?

Cane Trees Easy DIY Idea

Happiest festive DIY time! Hope you love these cuties and you make them at home soon. 

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